Any meeting, whether virtual or in-person, creates its own unique vibe. That is why everything has to be right from the start.

You have something to say. We hear you. Is there a better starting point for a respectful and successful partnership…?

Here’s what you can expect from our network:




  • Simultaneous (real-time, from a soundproof booth, interpreters acting in the background)
  • Consecutive (audience hears speaker first then interpreter, standing next to speaker, tech-free)
  • Your all-in-one solution: team of interpreters and equipment
  • Unidirectional booths (used by EU institutions)
  • Bidirectional booths (most popular choice in Germany)
  • Let us take the headache out of organising your multilingual meeting: in-person, hybrid, or online
  • We are connected with more than 1000 colleagues in Europa and all regions of the world
  • Confidentiality and code of conduct guaranteed
  • Memberships: AIIC, VKD, ATA
  • Qualification of team members is checked regularly, references and/or recommendation required, peer review (internal)

...and much more.


Our teams of interpreters have linguistically supported

  • Delegations
  • Press conferences
  • Town hall meetings
  • Supervisory boards, audit committees, steering committees
  • Confidential negotiations
  • European Works Council (EWC) meetings
  • Product launches
  • Trainings and continuous professional development
  • Team building events
  • Roadshows

...and many more.


We add value

Experience. Successful partnerships across a wide variety of sectors. Proven collaboration with language experts.
A single point of contact.


How we work with you

  • Enquiry, clarification of needs (date, place, duration, languages, equipment, topic, modality, parallel sessions, etc.), consultation, clarification
  • Pencilling-in of suitable colleagues (specialist knowledge, place of residence, availability, professional experience, qualifications, references, etc.) and booking of any equipment needed
  • Drafting of proposal, signing of contract
  • Individual contracts with team members, distribution of preparatory material in the various languages
  • Grouping/centralisation of questions for the organiser, information management, availability
  • Content preparation (glossaries, dictionaries, databases, team-specific terminology lists), internal categorisation and distribution
  • Preparation of team schedule, travel and accommodation bookings and arrangements
  • Stand-by for equipment/sound checks on the day of the event (image/sound projection, microphones, interpreting consoles, online platforms, (room) acoustics, consultation with sound technicians, on-site coordination, last-minute trouble-shooting)
  • Feedback, follow-up, terminology follow-up, project wrap-up, contractor invoicing, team invoices


Interpretation of multiple related events (framework agreement)

Multilingual interpretation and translation of conference documents


Take a look at our case studies and success stories

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c/o CUBES Co-Working
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46485 Wesel

+49 (0)177 44 94 915

Simultaneous Interpreting

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Proscenium, noun

- The area of a modern theatre that is located between the curtain and the audience
- The stage of an ancient theatre, located between the background and the audience

(Source: Oxford English Dictionary)