Six days, 1500 people, two castles, four boats

Six days, 1500 people, two castles, four boats


  • 2006 Combustion Symposium, Heidelberg
  • Assistant to Prof. Dr. Dr. H. C. Jürgen Warnatz
  • 1300 participants and 200 accompanying persons
  • Four years of planning


Extremely satisfied.

"[…] has solid experience in the area of conference planning."

"[…] solved problems quickly and unprompted […]"

"[…] impressed us with new ideas […]"

Dipl.-Dolm. Andrea Wilming
c/o CUBES Co-Working
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 115
46485 Wesel

+49 (0)177 44 94 915

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Proscenium, noun

- The area of a modern theatre that is located between the curtain and the audience
- The stage of an ancient theatre, located between the background and the audience

(Source: Oxford English Dictionary)