Interpreters in Dublin/Stockholm

Interpreters in Dublin/Stockholm


  • Interpreting of discussions, voting and procedural matters in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian
  • Simultaneous interpreting (two interpreters per language)
  • The same committee was to meet first in Dublin and then several months later in Stockholm – the same team of language experts was preferred


  • Smooth organisational and operational procedures
  • Less work for the client’s secretariat


Further contracts, long-term relationship with contractor


  • Booking, from within our network, of eight colleagues with specialist/industry expertise, the ability to work well with the team, and availability on those days
  • Membership of an international professional network allowed us to swiftly provide the perfect solution, even in other EU countries
  • Contracts with all interpreters (in-house); a single point of contact (external) for the contractor
  • Team travel arrangements, planning of travel time, contingency planning by hiring some colleagues locally
  • Request for speeches and PowerPoint presentations, documentation management according to language, centralised information management
  • Internal, contract-specific team terminology was prepared or obtained from previous meetings
  • Professional interpretation of the event (2 days)
  • Follow-up, invoicing (eight internal invoices, only one external invoice), glossary management, feedback

Dipl.-Dolm. Andrea Wilming
c/o CUBES Co-Working
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 115
46485 Wesel

+49 (0)177 44 94 915

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